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The Carved Medieval Bench Ends of South Somerset
by Bob Osborn

In a county renowned for its medieval carvings, South Somerset, England, is home to the greatest concentration of medieval bench ends - 23 of the largest and finest collections comprising more than 360 bench ends. This fully illustrated and information-packed electronic book Carved Medieval Bench Ends of South Somerset, written by local author Bob Osborn, views the district's collections in a contemporary context. Following years of intensive research, it explains and interprets for the first time some of the fascinating hidden medieval symbolism - Christian, Pagan, Heraldic - as well as featuring fabulous animals and imaginary monsters from the medieval Bestiaries! It also explores and details the design elements and generally highlights the most extraordinary beauty of these wonderful collections of imaginative rural carvings. As well as a fascinating introduction and the in-depth analysis of every bench end collection in the district, this electronic book includes over 300 colour photographs as well as chapters on the development of church seating, dating medieval carved bench ends, bench end styles, the diversity of subject matter and the bench end carvers.

A 500-year old riddle has been answered in this 21st century electronic book
In-depth research for this work, together with new and careful analysis of all bench end collections in south Somerset and surrounding areas, has brought to light for the first time the presence of a previously unrecorded local medieval specialist carving workshop in the area. The case for the presence of this workshop is presented, together with an explanation and examples charting the development of its bench end style.

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